MARIAN CHRASTA

I do not currently have the capacity to accept new clients. I will not respond to requests and contact forms until the end of June.

I offer counselling and therapy on-line and in the center of Prague, at Anny Letenské st, Prague 2 - Vinohrady

I have 23 years long counselling practice (from January 1998), 20 years as a private counsellor.

I use the approach and methods of Gestalt Psychotherapy.  I am EAGT (European Association For Gestalt Therapy) certified therapist form 2002

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I deal with clients who have difficulties to handle stressful emotions: depression, anxiety disorders and panic attacks. I also deal with people with prolonged sadness. I help clients with low self-esteem and with strict and demanding inner critic to develop and cultivate more compassoinate and kind atitude towards themselves.

In accordance with the latest neurological research, I use physical embodiment of emotions with the methods and techniques of mindfulness.


Physical symptoms such as back, head and neck pain, stomach pains and digestive problems, may be related to lack of exercise, prolonged sitting at work and poor eating habits, but also may be related to the psyche, to stress and dispelled emotions.

Gestalt therapy has very effective methods for working with the physical symptoms. I can help clients to gain more understanding of how their symptoms might be a part of their reaction to work and relational challenges they face. I am trained to work experimentally with physical symptoms for getting immediate insight into understanding them. 


Crisis, losses and transitions to other life periods are a natural part of life which cannot be avoided. The ability to grieve and let go is one of important skills in life. It is a necessary prerequisite for new possibilities and beginnings..

I support clients in their resilience and endurance by gaining awarenes of their polatiries (weakness, feeling of failure...) .

I help with difficult decisions in private, relational and professional life.


We are in the world with an innate need to seek and establish contact with each other. Reaserches show, that quality of reIationships we create brings a crucial contribution to our happines in the world.

I focus on clients' ability to create satisfying relationships and how their attitude to themselves influences them in relationships. I also deal with communication issues in relationships and conflict management.

I teach clients how to communicate so they can hear each other and understand each other. To be able to tell what they need and what they object. I help to minimize the emotional reaction of partner, I support cooperation and finding solutions. I help couples understand what drew them together and what they can be close to each other. 


or write me an email at: marian( )chrasta.cz